In-House Divisions: Lower South Baseball

Lower South Baseball has four in-house divisions for the Spring Season:


The purpose of our T-ball program is to introduce the basics of the game of baseball to a new generation of players. Our coaches will lay the foundation of the kids' baseball education in T-ball by teaching them the basics of how to hold and swing a bat properly, running the bases, fielding ground balls, as well as the importance of safety and paying attention around swinging bats and flying baseballs. Scores are not kept and there are no standings, as learning and enjoying the game takes precedence over competition at the T-ball level. T-ball age range is typically 4 & 5 years old.


Lower South's Minors program is when our kids get their first taste of "real" baseball. It's a coach pitch league, but players are taught positions, how to properly field ground and fly balls, and regular baseball rules are enforced as the season progresses. Our coaches build on the instruction that the kids learned in T-ball, and expand their baseball knowledge base towards understanding the mechanics of fielding and hitting, situational baseball, plus an introduction to pitching. While the fundamentals are still the focus, scores are kept; there are standings and playoffs, and trophies for our division champs! Players in the Minors Division are typically 6 & 7 years old.


MajorĀ 60
The Major 60 Division is full on, kid-centric baseball. It's a player pitch league, where the kids play on 60 foot base paths. This division is when the players make the jump to everyday, regular baseball. Steals, pickoffs, double plays, home run robbing all starts to happen at the Major 60 level. The coaches continue the kids' baseball education through teaching proper pitching mechanics, batting stance and swing, and fielding footwork. While the learning never ends, competition is also strong at the Major 60 level. Teams battle for top positions in the standings all season, culminating in the season ending playoffs and the crowning of the division champions!! Major 60 players are typically 8, 9, & 10 years old.


Major 70
The final level in our players Lower South Baseball journey is our Major 70 Division. It's the capstone of our program, where the players take all they've learned over their Lower South years and apply it to some truly great baseball. The coaches continue to nurture and challenge the players at this level, reinforcing all they've learned and adding new wrinkles as well. The kids play on 70 foot base paths, which is the final step before leaving our program after their 12 year old season and moving on to MLB size 90 foot fields. The competition is fierce at this level, as is the camaraderie amongst the players and coaches. For many players and coaches, the Major 70 division is the culmination of up to 7 years playing together, and there's no better way to finish their time with Lower South baseball than a championship in the Major 70 Division!!! Major 70 players are typically 11 & 12 years old.