Mission Statement

LSAA Baseball's Mission



Lower South Baseball exists today to provide a safe, fun and affordable environment for the children and parents of the Lower Southampton community to learn and enjoy the great game of baseball. Ours is a 100% volunteer organization. As such, our success is predicated completely on the continued support and involvement of the Lower Southampton community. In a nutshell, Lower South Baseball is the Lower Southampton community. It is all of us together.

Lower South Baseball does not employ coaches and instructors. We do not ask for exorbitant registration costs and fees. What we do have are the dedicated, volunteer parents of the Lower Southampton community who give their time and energy to teach the game of baseball to our children, and to teach them greater life lessons and skills- hard work, hustle, loyalty, teamwork, respect- that they can take with them far beyond the baseball field. We keep our costs as low as possible to make our organization affordable and inclusive. We will never turn aside a child for their lack of ability to pay, nor will we ever turn away a child who is not "advanced" in their baseball skillset. Every child, regardless of skill and/or economic status, is valued with Lower South Baseball, and they always will be.

If you are looking for a baseball organization that will take you back to your childhood, when the game was played 1) for the simple joy of it, 2) to play with your friends from school and your neighborhood, and 3) to learn the game and the fun of honest competition, then Lower South Baseball is the place for you. Be a part of our success and sign up today!!!

LSAA Baseball Board Members

President (Mark Arnold)

  • Preside at all league meetings.
  • Assume full responsibility for the operation of the local league.
  • Appoint all committees and supervise the activity thereof.
  • See that the league adheres to the rules, regulations and policies of Babe Ruth League, Inc.
  • Be sure the charter application or continuation form is submitted to Babe Ruth Headquarters.
  • Be responsible for local league protests and disputes.

Vice President (Brian Kochersperger)

  • Presides in the absence of, and in conjunction with, the President and carries out such duties and assignments as may be delegated by the President.

Secretary (Jessica Iannelli)

Records the minutes of meetings. The Secretary is also responsible for sending out notice of regular and special meetings, maintaining an official record of the league's activities, notifying all officers of election and the names of newly elected members of the Board and performing such other duties as this office may require. The Secretary will also keep records of background and child abuse checks for coaches, and ensure that clearances for all coaches are up to date.

Treasurer (Amy Geruc)

The Treasurer will be responsible for collecting all monies raised by the organization and ensuring its' proper handling. The Treasurer will be responsible to keep accurate ledgers detailing the flow of monies to and from the organization, and report and deliver such funds to the Treasurer of the LSAA board.

Board of Directors

The Board membership shall include the four (4) league officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and elected members. The Board may adopt such rules and regulations for the conduct of its meetings and the management of the league as it may deem proper that are not in conflict with Babe Ruth League Rules and Regulations.

Travel Coordinator (Mark Arnold & Brian Lettini)

The travel coordinator will be responsible for overseeing the travel baseball program. The duties of the Travel coordinator consists of, but is not limited to:

  • Attending all Suburban Travel meetings (6 annually).
  • Scheduling tryouts for each travel team.
  • Meeting, and working with, travel coaches at all levels of the organization.
  • Coordinating game and practice schedules with all travel coaches.
  • Ensuring that all travel teams adhere to the rules and regulations related to Suburban Travel League and Cal Ripken League.

In-house Coordinator (Rick Bailey)

The In-house Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing the In-house baseball program. The duties of the In-house Coordinator consists of, but is not limited to:

  • Attending all meetings related to the In-house program.
  • Scheduling evaluations for each level of In-house baseball.
  • Meeting with coaches at all levels of In-house baseball, and conveying the expectations of them and the philosophy of the organization.
  • Coordinating game and practice schedules with coaches at all levels of In-house baseball.
  • Ensuring that all teams adhere to the rules and regulations of Cal Ripken League baseball.

Equipment Manager (Kevin Godfrey & Brian Kochersperger)

The Equipment Manager will be responsible for:

  • Organizing and inventorying the equipment room.
  • Preparing equipment bags for each team, and overseeing the distribution and recovery of said bags.
  • Inspecting equipment to ensure proper working order, and recommending to the board needed replacement and/or improvements of equipment.

Concessions Chairperson (Bridget Eisenhauer)

  • Responsible for stocking the snack stand using monies given by the Board. Snack stand budget will be set by Board.
  • Opening and closing of Snack stand on game days/nights.
  • Keeping track of income and expenditures, and reporting to treasurer.

* The Snack stand will be staffed by volunteers on a daily/nightly basis. The Chairperson is not expected to run the Snack stand themselves all season, but is expected to maintain a presence throughout.

Field Maintenance Coordinator (Scott Kirk & Brian Lettini)

Responsible for assembling a team to ensure that fields are maintained throughout the seasons and are ready for play on game days. The Field Maintenance Team will be expected to work with the parents and coaches playing on a field to drag and line the fields for play that day, and take care of any other issues that may arise. The Organization has all necessary equipment available to maintain the fields throughout the seasons.

* The Township takes care of keeping the grass cut throughout the year.

Website/Social Media Coordinator (Jessica Iannelli)

  • Responsible for maintaining and updating the website and social media pages as needed.
  • Responsible for updating the league's informational resources, online rosters and registrations.
  • Work in conjunction with the Fundraising Coordinator to expand the ability of the organization to raise funds through online advertisements, email campaigns, etc.

At-Large Board

  • Amy Geruc (Sponsorship)
  • Jessica Iannelli
  • Rick Bailey
  • Bridget Eisenhauer
  • Kevin Godfrey